Research-Informed Courses Essential for Strengthening Schools

Why MiniPD Core Courses?

Designed for Impact on Student Outcomes

  • Expert Guidance

    Engaging learner-centered multimedia content designed by course developers and experienced international education professionals.

  • Intentionally Designed

    4-hour research-informed courses with practical content designed to align with accreditation standards and busy school staff schedules.

  • Contextualized Learning

    Self-paced asynchronous modules include extended peer learning opportunities with school-based colleagues using guiding protocols.

  • Space for Reflection

    Interactive and downloadable learning logs support reflection for deeper learning and application in practice.

  • Modelled Inquiry

    Guiding questions, prompts and provocations invite practitioners to inquire into their own practice to impact their own students.

  • Global Learning Community

    Opportunities to connect and discuss the learning, broaden perspectives and deepen understanding, in an online global community.

International Accreditation

Backwards Design from Accreditation Standards

International accreditation evaluation standards and research evidence inform MiniPD Core Course selection, design and development. Certified MiniPD Core Courses can support schools in the process of accreditation and re-accreditation.

So What?

Developed to Amplify Impact

  • Evidence Learning

    Certified courses support international schools to meet strategic goals and accreditation standards, and international educators to enrich individual professional portfolios.

  • Continue Learning

    On course completion, recommended next steps provide continued professional learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of international schools and educators.

  • Leverage Learning

    Amplify course outcomes to have a positive impact on student outcomes, with implementation guidance for international schools and educators nuanced to context.