An Introduction From the Course Designers

Course curriculum

    1. Getting Started

    2. Finding Your Way

    3. What to Expect

    4. Assessing Learning

    5. Extend & Contextualize

    6. Let's Go!

    1. Meet Your Facilitators

    2. Course Goals

    3. Course Outline and Methodology

    4. Guiding Questions

    5. Course Timings: Planning Your Time

    6. Course Timings: Planning Your Time

    7. Your Learning Log

    8. Tools & Resources

    1. Introducing the Lifecycle of School Experience

    2. Hotdogs and Popsicles: Designing the Journey

    3. Read: More About Moments

    4. Reflect: Your School Through the Lens of Experience

    1. Five As Protocol

    1. How Families Experience Your School Before You've Met Them

    2. Activity: What is the Brand of Your School?

    3. Activity: Search for Your School Online

    4. Extension: Conduct a Short Website Audit

    1. Redesigning Admissions as a Learning Experience

    2. Listen & Reflect: How Parents Choose Schools

About this course

  • 43 lessons


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone working in a School

    This course will be of value to anyone who works in a school. It will be of specific interest to the following:

  • Senior School Leaders

    Any leaders who have strategic responsibility for aspects of school life.

  • Advancement Professionals

    Those involved in Admissions, Communications, Development & Alumni Relations.

Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do upon course completion?

  • Understand what Experience Design is and its importance for schools.

  • Identify the key stages in the Lifecycle of School Experience.

  • Apply elevated strategies, useful resources and pro-tips based on best practices, to support the journey of families through the school.

  • Demonstrate practical ways to adapt and strengthen current processes in essential areas, such as school admissions and communications, developing stronger connections with other departments, and supporting effective transitions.

Impact on Learning

How will this course have a positive impact?

By introducing key concepts, best practice examples, and reflective activities, this course will give you an insight into the Lifecycle of School Experience: a unique tool that allows you to reflect on the current experience for families in your school and identify some opportunities to make this a more integrated and coherent experience. You will leave this course with the knowledge and skills to support you to begin to design the experience of families in your school.

Meet the Course Designers

Dr. David Willows

Dr. David Willows is Director of Advancement at the International School of Brussels and a highly respected writer, blogger and storyteller. Featured in the ISC’s Top 10 Research Edruptors 2021, David is recognised as one of the world’s leading international education influencers, writing extensively on issues surrounding learning, philosophy and modern family life on his blog, Fragments II. Based in Brussels, David is an authority on communications and brand development in international education, and in 2022 is partnering with Suzette Parlevliet on Yellow Car, a new venture helping schools stand out among the competition.

Suzette Parlevliet

Suzette Parlevliet is Manager of Experience Design at the International School of Brussels, where she has worked in the Advancement team since 2013 on the school’s brand development, communication, web design and content production. Alongside this work, she is also Co-founder and Experience Director at Yellow Car, a new venture helping schools stand out among the competition. Today, Suzette brings expert insight into the day-to-day life of an innovative Advancement office and is skilled at supporting others to be successful in their role.


What are you still wondering?

  • Is this a certified course?

    Yes. Certification is awarded by MiniPD, from Faria Education Group.

  • What do I need to do to gain my certificate?

    You will need to complete all modules, learning activities in practice, and checking for understanding final assessment.

  • What certificate will I receive?

    You will be awarded the Certificate of Completion in 'Designing the Family Journey in Your School'.

  • Can MiniPD courses count towards my continuing education requirements?

    MiniPD is partnering with Kent State University, a R1 university in the United States, to grant graduate credits for completing MiniPD courses. To receive graduate credits, the learner must complete a required number of MiniPD Core or MiniCourses, and submit the completed MiniPD Learning Logs for each course. Details of the credit application process can be found at Please check with your license issuing authorities for details on the number of credits needed for your license renewal.

  • How can I continue learning?

    You will be presented with suggested pathways to support continued learning. These will include carefully designed resources, MiniCourses, and personalized coaching conversations.

  • How can my school leverage the learning and amplify impact?

    We can supportyou to implement this course in your own school with suggested approaches for interleaved professional development days, professional learning communities, and ongoing job-embedded peer learning structures.

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