Why MiniCourses?

Learn Today, Practice Tomorrow

  • Relevant

    MiniCourses are developed by educators for educators. MiniCourse authors draw on relevant experiences in teaching and leadership roles to create practical, targeted learning experiences.

  • Practical

    MiniCourses are based on ideas and strategies that can be put into practice immediately delivering practical guidance and strategies that educators can apply immediately into their own practices.

  • Flexible

    MiniCourse experiences include 3-4 MiniCourses that learners can take one at a time, or all together, based on their needs and schedule.

  • Reflective

    Reflect on your learning in your context. Interactive and downloadable learning logs support reflection for deeper learning and application in practice.

  • Inquire

    Guiding questions, reflection points, and provocations invite learners to engage with the online community to inquire into their practice together as they consider the impact on students in their classrooms.

  • Interact Globally

    Learning is social. Learners from around the globe come together to make sense of their learning to broaden perspectives and deepen understanding in this asynchronous learning community.

So What?

Developed to Amplify Impact

  • Professional Growth

    MiniCourses support international educators to add new tools to their collection of instructional practices while meeting their individual professional learning goals.

  • Take Action

    Educators are invited to apply new learning in a practical and actionable way that makes sense in their contexts.

  • Extend Learning

    Amplify course outcomes to impact instructional practice and student outcomes with implementation guidance for international schools and educators adaptable to each unique context.