MiniCourse Overview

    1. Getting Started

    2. Finding Your Way

    3. What to Expect

    4. Confirming Learning

    5. Let's Go

    1. Let's Begin! هيا نبدأ

    2. Guiding Questions الأسئلة الإرشادية

    3. Learning Log كتيب التأملات

    1. Chapter 1 Introduction + Write a Caption مقدمة الفصل الأول + اكتب عنوانا لهذه الصورة

    2. Complete the Statement اكمل الجملة التالية

    3. Chapter 1 Reflection - تأمل الفصل الأول

    1. Chapter 2 Introduction مقدمة الفصل الثاني

    2. Criteria for Starters #1 معايير التهيئة الحافزة الفعّالة #١

    3. Criteria for Starters #2 - معايير التهيئة الحافزة الفعّالة#٢

    4. Highlight the Keywords - حدد الكلمات المهمة

    5. Connecting the Mind and Heart - ربط العقل و القلب

    6. Reflect on Some Starters تأمل بعض امثلة التهيئة الحافزة

    7. Additional Strategies - استراتيجيات اخري

    8. Chapter 2 Reflection - تأمل الفصل الثاني

    1. Chapter 3 Introduction - مقدمة الفصل الثالث

    2. Reflect - تأمل

    3. Take Action - مهمتك

    4. Next Steps - خطواتك التالية

    5. Final Reflection

    6. Check Your Understanding - اختبر معرفتك

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About this course

  • 28 lessons

Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do upon completion of this MiniCourse?

  • Participants will be able to identify the key determinants of engagement.

  • Participants will bParticipants will be able to plan effective lesson starters using inquiry-based strategies.

Meet the MiniCourse Coach

MiniPD Coach Engy Olama

Engy is a certified Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer and Presenter by Lynn Erickson. She has worked in the education field for 13 years. She has had various teaching and leadership roles in IB PYP and American Schools. Inquiry, conceptual thinking, and backward planning are part of her daily personal and professional practice. In her leadership roles, she has led the curriculum writing process, the implementation of inquiry/project-based learning, and she has designed assessment systems that align with the local and international requirements. She coaches teachers and teams in developing their teaching and learning practices to ensure that students' agency is the driving force of learning. She is also a certified Happiness Coach. Part of her passion is to promote happiness and wellbeing in schools through enhanced teaching and learning.

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