Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do upon completion of this MiniCourse?

  • Preview sample unit planners.

  • Establish learning goals for the unit of inquiry.

  • Continue developing foundational components of the planner.

MiniCourse Overview

    1. Getting Started

    2. Finding Your Way

    3. What to Expect

    4. Confirming Learning

    5. Let's Go

    1. Focus: Introduction

    2. Focus: Learning Outcomes

    3. MiniPD Learning Log

    4. How to download and save the MiniPD Learning Log

    1. Explore 1: Approaches to Teaching

    2. Explore 1a: Sample Planners

    3. Sample Planner: Grade Kindergarten

    4. Sample Planner: Grade 1

    5. Sample Planner: Grade 2

    6. Sample Planner: Grade 3

    7. Sample Planner: Grade 4

    8. Sample Planner: Grade 5

    9. Reflect

    1. Explore 1: Establishing Learning Goals

    2. Explore 2: Approaches to Learning

    3. Explore 2a: Skills and Subskills

    4. Explore 3: International Mindedness

    5. Explore 3a: IB Learner Profile

    6. Explore 4: Action

    7. Explore 5: Transdisciplinary Learning

    8. Explore 5a: Concept Map Inspiration

    9. Interact

    1. Take Action

    2. Reflect

    3. Confirm: Quiz

    1. Continue learning with MiniPD

    2. Discuss with colleagues

About this course

  • 34 lessons

Meet the MiniCourse Coach

Erica Chiotti

Erica Chiotti has served in education for over 20 years, including work as a classroom teacher, university professor and instructional mentor and coach. She is actively involved in many facets of education, including collaborative planning, instructional implementation, assessment and reflecting on teaching and learning across multiple grade levels and content areas. Additionally, she is passionate about facilitating engaging professional development and supporting educators as they implement new ideas and strategies with their learners. Erica earned a master's degree in education from George Fox University and holds a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Idaho. In addition to her work in schools, she serves as an IB consultant, workshop facilitator and site visit team leader, and a MiniPD Coach for Faria. Through her vast experience with teaching and learning, Erica loves to make connections with others in order to provide high quality experiences for educators and learners.

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