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Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do upon completion of this MiniCourse?

  • Understand what the PYP ATL skills are

  • Integrate the ATL skills into PYP planning

  • Implement the ATL skills in PYP teaching

  • Reflect on the impact of the ATL skills on student learning

MiniCourse Overview

    1. Getting Started

    2. Finding Your Way

    3. What to Expect

    4. Confirming Learning

    5. Let's Go

    1. Introduction

    2. Welcome video

    3. Course Framework

    4. Learning Outcomes

    5. Learning Log

    6. How to download and save the MiniPD Learning Log

    1. Foundations of the Approaches to Learning (Why?)

    2. Explore: What is Global Competence?

    3. Explore: What are 21st Century Skills?

    4. Reflect 1: How might your students respond?

    5. Reflect 2: How do your students compare?

    1. The Approaches to Learning Explained (How?)

    2. Explore: What are the Approaches to Learning?

    3. Exploring the ATL Skill Clusters

    4. Exploring the ATL Categories

    5. Explore the ATL Skills, Clusters and Indicators

    6. Interacting with the ATL Categories, Clusters and Skill Indicators

    1. Taking Action with the Approaches to Learning (What?)

    2. Take Action

    3. Reflect & Confirm

    4. Test Your Knowledge

    1. Extend

    2. Continue learning with MiniPD

    3. Discus with colleagues

    4. Thank you!

About this course

  • 32 lessons

Meet the MiniCourse Coach

MiniPD Coach Christine Lang

Christine holds a BA in Liberal Studies, MEd in Mathematics and a PhD in Linguistics/Inquiry-Based Learning. Her research and work focuses on learning in inquiry-based contexts, where she has developed expertise in designing structures to support improved learning. She is an author of the original International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), and her most recent school-based role was as the Primary School Principal at the Vienna International School.

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