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Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do upon completion of this MiniCourse?

  • Understand what CAS is.

  • Understand your role within the CAS programme.

  • Develop CAS as a resource for your department and subject.

Course curriculum

    1. Getting Started

    2. Finding Your Way

    3. What to Expect

    4. Confirming Learning

    5. Let's Go

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Focus

    3. MiniPD Learning Log

    4. How to download and save the MiniPD Learning Log

    1. Aims of this Chapter

    2. CAS Basics

    3. CAS Guide Review - Speed Read

    4. What is CAS Quiz

    5. Summary

    6. Reflect

    1. Aim of Chapter 2

    2. Introduction to How

    3. Explore: Connecting CAS to Academic Subjects

    4. CAS Experiences and the Academic Subjects Resource

    5. CAS Experiences and the Academic Subjects (Links)

    6. Interact

    1. Aims for Chapter 3

    2. Introduction

    3. Take Action

    4. Reflect

    5. Review

    6. Confirm Your Learning

    1. Overcoming Blockers

    2. An E-book on CAS

    3. More Resources

    4. Continue learning with MiniPD

    5. Discuss with colleagues

About this course

  • 34 lessons

Meet the Course Designer

MiniPD Coach Tom Brodie

Tom Brodie is an IB Educator with over 25 years of experience within IB World Schools. He has held many roles within schools including CAS and IBDP Coordinator. He is a published author and presented many times on CAS topics. He has undertaken academic research on the subject of CAS. He is currently the Curriculum Coordinator at ManageBac where he helps Schools, Teachers, Students and ManageBac develop to make life easier for all.

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